Azure API Management

It is a cloud API Manager that can connect to public and private endpoints. It is provided by Microsoft and cannot be installed as on premise service (but they are open to suggestions about this point and it is under review: “There is no on-premises deployment option available at this time but you can vote on uservoice if you’d like this capability. However, you can certainly use Azure-based API management with on-premises systems and data.”).

At this moment it does not provide a monetization standard (but it is under review: ”We’ll monitor continued feedback on this item”).

It is planned to provide a standard way to have testing and live environments (Sandbox Environment – SBE).

Set Up

Follow a two steps wizard is the only need to set up an Azure API Management instance.

Azure APIM 1

Azure APIM 2

Advanced configuration can be provided in order to personalize security, rate limits or monitoring capabilities.


A publisher can add a new API manually or import it using WADL or Swagger definition files.

Azure APIM 3

A subscriber can discover and subscribe to an API throw developer portal.

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