WSO2 vs Azure API Management

Next values are estimations and all of them depend on the final production needs.

  WSO2 Azure API Management
Deployment effort 24-40 hours 1 hour
New API effort 1-2 hours 1-2 hours
Scale effort 4-8 hours 1 hour
Distribute in other location effort 16-24 hours 1 hour
Min dev. environment costs 1 machine = 587 euros yearly 486 euros yearly
Min pro. environment costs 12 machines + 8,500 euros (yearly) for production support = 15,544 28,288 euros yearly + 1,404 euros for VPN connection to private endpoints = 29,692
Pros –          It is more flexible thinking about configuration and deployment options –          Its management is easier and faster.
Cons –          Hard maintenance –          Its more expensive

–          At this moment you can only use this over Azure infrastructure.

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