Tech roundup 17: a journal published by a bot

Read a tech roundup with this week’s news that our powerful bot has chosen: blockchain, AI, development, corporates and more.

Gooooooood morning, Clan!!! Hey, this is not a test, this is a tech roundup. Time to rock it from the Delta to the DMZ.

AI, bots and robots

Blockchain and decentralization

Woman computer scientist of the week
Amy Ashurst Gooch is a computer scientist known for her contributions in non-photorealistic rendering. She is currently the Chief Operations Officer at ViSUS LLC, a data visualization research spin-off software company from the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. She is also an adjunct professor of computer science at Texas A&M University. Her current research is part of an interdisciplinary effort involving computer graphics, perceptual psychology, and computational vision. She is interested in better understanding the spatial information potentially available in CG imagery, determining what spatial cues are actually used when CG imagery is viewed, and using this information to create improved rendering algorithms and visualizations.

Cloud and architecture

Development and languages

Quote of the week

Software sucks because users demand it to.

        — Nathan Myhrvold


Other news


Autor: Javi López G.

Arquitecto/desarrollador, creativo, buscador de nuevas soluciones y modelos de negocio, crítico constructivo y ex muchas cosas

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