Summary of the main stage #dotNetSpain2016

Yesterday was the .Net Conference at Kinepolis Madrid. The schedule was really huge but, lucky me, I could not assist so I did not have to choose and only could see the streaming of the main stage.

The starting keynote was carried out by Jose Bonin. Jose was talking about the future, about the great things that technology will give us. He talked about different things like just-in-time translation with skype or homomorphic encryption to operate with encrypted data. He shared the stage with Alberto Diaz, he showed a factory robot and talked about interfaces, IA and stuff like that.

After that, Chema Alonso talked about security with examples specially focused on Microsoft technologies. He did a Pen test to site. Chema is always amazing and funny.

The most expected talk by social networks was the the keynote of Satya Nadella (CEO@Microsoft).

He talked about the great moment to be a .Net developer, and says that they are giving us a single development model to create programms for all their technologies. You can use .Net to implement Machine Learning algorithms and an interface for Hololens.

The first in the afternoon was Hugo Biarge (the last at the morning for Spanish people as he said). He talked about Authentication and Authorization with the new version of ASP .Net. The new model (Imperative Authorization) is based on policies and claims, no more user and roles (roles stay but they are not recommended). Active Directory and Identity Server are the main characters to do this.

After lunch break, Luis Ruiz Pavón talked about the new .Net framework (and ASP .Net). It was crazy because Microsoft changed all things. I wrote a post two weeks ago about what is coming, this post was published yesterday and it has a lot of mistakes because they changed all: environment, commands, even the names!

Eduard Tomas presented all the news of MVC6, a lot of changes. It will be like learn a new framework (I tested it and I cannot recommend it for production projects at this moment). Nowadays it is hard to be up to day but necessary to do our job, isn’t it?

Last ones over the stage were Francesc Jaumot and Jose Cousiño. They did a demo with a lot of code, teaching how to use Visual Studio Code to develop a single page application using Angular 2 (the TypeScript flavor) in the frontend and ASP .Net Core 1 in the backend. It was a talk with a lot of problems but they were ready to jump obstacles and in the end all worked.

All of them were really interesting, and I suggest you see the linked videos.

At the end of the day everybody was surprised with the information of Microsoft acquiring Xamarin. Me too, but it has perfect sense attending changes coming that we saw during the #dotNerSpain2016.

ASP .Net 5 – MVC 6

Estas siglas ya os sonarán a todos, pero puede que los números que las acompañan no. Ahora en febrero, si todo está en su sitio, saldrá (o habrá salido para el día que esto se publique) la Release Candidate 2 de ASP .Net 5 y de MVC 6. Creo que hacen un nuevo planteamiento muy interesante. Reducen cargas, introducen patrones, se abren más aun al mundo open source y predisponen a hacer las cosas bien. Además muchas de estas cosas no son sólo para web y se pueden extrapolar a aplicaciones de otro tipo.

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