3 links about email design

Email design differs from web design because the result is not going to be shown in a web browser. Your design is going to be shown in an app: a desktop app, a mobile app, or a web app (like gmail.com or outlook.com). For this reason, the user interaction is different and the elements of HTML and CSS that you can use in your design are not the same.

3 links about AARRR

AARRR, also known as The Pirate Metrics or The Pirate Framework, is the acronym for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue. They are the simplest metrics that you have to consider in your funnel when going to build a business.

  • If you can read Spanish you could read my very own explanation about AARRR. There, you can also see Dave McClure’s speech (in English) who is the originator of this.
  • As they are simple metrics you don’t need a complex system to analyze them. You can use a single page canvas.
  • The theory is great but, how you can improve those metrics? There are several tools for each phase.

3 links about AI and music

Nowadays, there are a lot of different applications of AI models that can be applied to change any field. Look at music. It is a very «traditional» one where someone creates a song and someone plays a song using some devices to create sound. How AI can change that process?

3 links about SaaS Pricing

Pricing is always important, but this is capital in SaaS. SaaS is software products offered as a service, that often are trying to get some recurrency. Before the SaaS model, you bought a box with a CD containing the software. Instead, nowadays you are getting access to an always updated version of the software as long as you stay paying.

3 links about WebRTC

WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) is a communication way between 2 (or more) browsers without a server doing the job. It allows, for instance, to make video streaming, radio broadcasting stations, chats, or real-time edition apps.