All in one serverless solutions

There are a lot of platforms and applications that are providing serverless capabilities to our developments, avoiding us of thinking a lot about servers.

You can find services for serverless storage, serverless notifications, mailing, payments, forms, but it could be quite difficult integrate all of them into one single solution. What is the best way to have all possible functionalities in one only place and don’t do a lot of work?

all in one photo

Actually, you are able to use a lot of serverless functionalities from wide platforms like Google Cloud, AWS or Azure. Did you remember that article about Azure Serverless? That platform has a lot of high-level functionalities and services that can allow you don’t think about machines, operating systems, RAM, network, etc. when your app needs to scale. But the problem is almost the same, you have all those functionalities in a single platform but you have to do a lot of work to integrate them into one single solution.

There are some platforms that are ready to start working, providing you a lot of capabilities that are planned to work together. They could not be the best in performance or other facets, but they are really god to prototyping and to start working on your MVP accelerating your development. This is because they just work. Some of those are the following:

  • Firebase: Real-time database, authentication, hosting. A powerful platform for your mobile or web application.
  • Backendless: Real-time database, authentication, hosting.
  • Stamplay: «IFTTT For Back-End Development«.
  • Kinvey: Build your digital business faster with mobile Backend as a Service.
  • Syncano: An all-in-one platform to create real-time apps without a server.
  • Hoodie: Hoodie is a complete backend for your apps: develop your frontend code.
  • Para: Flexible and lightweight backend service for rapid prototyping, based on open source software.
  • Wolkenkit: It is a CQRS and event-sourcing framework for JavaScript and Node.js which fits perfectly with domain-driven design (DDD).

Did you know all of them? Look over them and be ready to run developing your next app, and if they are not complete enough for your needs, look for what you need. The Internet is full of serverless services.